Hydration Tracking Simplified

BevWatch® helps you stay healthy and hydrated throughout the day by automatically tracking your hydration and sending drink reminders when needed.  Turn your Apple Watch® into a sip detecting wearable that tracks your fluid intake so you don’t have to.

How it works

BevWatch can automatically detect when you take a sip by using sensors already in your Apple Watch®.  Our patented technology not only determines when you take a sip, it also approximates the sip’s volume.

Accommodating differences in drinking style, you can also calibrate volume estimation to better match your intake.

Tip: Do Not Disturb

Drink reminders help you stay hydrated throughout the day, but they’re not needed when you’re sleeping.  Simply set Do Not Disturb hours to best fit your schedule.

BevWatch® Key Features

Automatic Sip

You no longer have to worry about manually recording drinks in a logbook or app. Once BevWatch is installed in your Apple Watch®, let it do the work by seamlessly recording each sip you take and the amount of fluid consumed.

Hydration & Water

Life is hectic, and it's easy to forget to drink. But don't worry. BevWatch monitors your fluid consumption, and if it detects you're falling behind, it can send a reminder notification to drink water, helping you to stay hydrated and reach your daily goal.

Environment Adjusted
Daily Goals

BevWatch can adjust your daily goal automatically based on the weather in your current location or set zip code. Just make sure to turn on dynamic environment calculation in Settings and set your environment exposure level.

Tip: Watch Face Complications

Add a BevWatch® complication to your watch face for a better hydration reminder experience and improved accuracy. 

Premium Upgrade Features

Access to
Historical Data

Whether you're looking for overall insights or want to see data from a specific day, upgrading to the premium version unlocks your hydration history. Clicking on the icon lets you see the daily sip graph for that specific day too!

Health App

The premium version of BevWatch lets you import and export your hydration data to the Health App so you can view all of your important metrics in one place.

Adjust Detected
Sip Volume (fl oz)

BevWatch estimates how much fluid is consumed during each sip by measuring multiple inputs, but everyone has their own unique style of drinking. Upgrading will let you individually tailer the sip volume (fl oz) calculation for your own drinking gestures.

Light Mode
Upgrading to premium lets you integrate with the Health App.
The premium version also lets you adjust the detection algorithm to more accurately calculate the amount of fluid you drink.

Tip: Drinking Hand

Drink from the hand your watch is worn on, or else BevWatch® won’t be able to detect a sip. And be sure to set the watch orientation to the wrist it is worn on.


Free Version

Available in the App Store
Free No Fee
  • Auto Sip Detection*
  • Hydration Reminders
  • Weather Adjusted Daily Goal

Premium Upgrade

In-App Purchase
$ 1
One-Time Fee
  • Historical Data
  • Health App Integration
  • Adjust Detected Volume (fl oz)

Tip: Not Just Water

BevWatch® measures your overall fluid intake, whether you’re drinking coffee, tea, water, or an alcoholic beverage.
Get started today and download the free version of BevWatch® on the App Store.

Stay Hydrated!

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