Exploring BevWatch Features

You can see the number of detected sips, the amount of fluid you’ve consumed, and your daily hydration goal adjusted for the weather all from the BevWatch home screen.

Tap on "Daily Sip Chart" to see when you've consumed fluid throughout the day.

Seeing when you haven't consumed fluid is just as important as seeing when you've stayed hydrated.

This graph is available for all past days when you upgrade to premium, so you can learn how to stay hydrated more consistently throughout the day.

Do you have your iPhone set to dark mode? No problem. BevWatch is compatible with the dark appearance setting on all screens so it works with your current settings.

You are also able to log a drink manually by clicking "Add sips manually" and selecting the approximate drink size if you weren’t wearing your Apple Watch.

It’s also easy to add sips directly from the Apple Watch.

You can access your historical data with the premium version and easily see the last three days from the home page.

Press "View More" to access the historical insights section to get high level summaries or view specific days.

Insights will show you an overall summary, or your hydration performance by Day, Week, or Month. Weekly hydration percentages (compared to daily goals) is shown in this example.

On the summary tab, you can see your average hydration levels along with fun facts such as how much total fluid you’ve consumed since using BevWatch.

Stay Hydrated!

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